Do you ever want to say “Yes, yes, yes!!!!” to an opportunity… only to talk yourself out of it later?

These moments of clarity — where we know EXACTLY what we want and feel that desire deep in our bones — are downloads from the Universe. They are a spark meant to light your way in the darkness.

When we act on these moments with courage, knowing that second-guessing and fear is a normal part of the process, we can fast-track our success.

I see this with my clients time and time again. A couple recent examples:

*One woman declared her ideal salary (a number she threw out on intuition, having no idea how it could possibly happen). She got to work on interviews and, a few months later, received a surprising job offer for the exact number she named.

*Another woman got an intuitive hit that she needed a mentor with very specific knowledge. She hesitantly shared this with me. Living in a small town, she had no idea how she would meet this person. A week later, the exact person she needed showed up to a local networking group.

Empowering your divine downloads is a muscle you can strengthen.

In the past, it took me years to say “Yes!” to an opportunity I knew was right for me. It just felt so scary! Now, it can be a matter of minutes.

One example:

On a trip to New York in April, I met the man I knew would be my next mentor.

“I feel like I’m supposed to train with you,” I said. “Tell me how and I will make it work.”

Starting in November, I’ll be flying to the Silicon Valley every other month. I made this commitment to train under him before I knew any of the specifics.

I had no idea where or when the training would take place.

I had no idea how much it would cost.

I just had a deep sense that this was the RIGHT decision.

My commitment gave me a serious momentum boost and I’ve just closed out my most profitable 30 days of business ever. Paying for all those flights to California is no problem now!

This email is NOT meant to inspire you to say “Yes!” to any exciting idea. 

It is meant to remind you that you can TRUST in the deep calling you feel or in the idea that comes to mind that somehow feels “right.”

Have courage! Listen to your gut! You are an intuitive being with the answers inside of you.

Embrace the Adventure,


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