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I’m always developing new material, but here are some of the workshops I’ve taught recently:

Letting Go: Forgiveness as a Critical Leadership Skill

Resentment is both inevitable and optional. In leadership, business and life, forgiveness is a critical tool to making progress, reinventing a brand, or improving your agility as you respond to changing circumstances.

During the session, you will learn...

  • To identify areas of resentment that may be holding you back from real progress
  • How to reframe resentment and forgiveness in a way that allows you to get the gold from an experience or relationship… even if it didn’t turned out the way you planned 
  • Ways to convert those past resentments into valuable learning for the future 

Intuitive Decision Making: A Shortcut to Success

Intuition is a scientifically proven, measurable part of the human experience, and we can learn to leverage it for greater personal and professional success. In this talk, trained science journalist (MSJ, Northwestern University) and executive coach Megan Taylor Morrison shares how to better understand and harness the power of your intuition. You can expect riveting stories about intuitive decision making, highlights from cutting-edge studies and group discussions and exercises. 

Authentic Relating

Do you crave conversations that go deep or a sense of true connection with others? If so, join Megan Taylor Morrison in this interactive workshop.

Authentic Relating Games are tried-and-tested, fun and highly interactive. They take the form of partner and group exercises in which you get to know yourself and your fellow participants better.

Have you ever heard Chris Rock's joke about first dates? He points out that, during that initial meeting, "we don't actually go ourselves...we send out representatives." In other words, we pretend to be the person that we think our date wants us to be.

But here’s the thing: We don't just do this on first dates. We do it all the time! We often, at some level or another, lok to present the “acceptable” part of ourselves. What would it be like to practice being authentic in a supportive space where being REAL is the norm?

Come and find out!