Ready for change?

Life coaching might be for you.

Coaching provides the ongoing support and accountability required to make lasting change in your life. Typically, a coach will want to meet with you regularly so that you can do the consistent, deep work required to see results.

Coaching works with principles of neuroscience and involves conversations, tools, and practices designed to help you adopt behaviors and new ways of thinking that facilitate your next-level success.

What sort of results do clients see?

Lauren Zelek

"I reached personal goals in my health and relationships, and laid the foundation for my involvement in the Tokyo 2020 Games."

~ Lauren Zelek

"She helped me identify self-defeating habits, cultivate mindfulness and plan big goals."

~ Sijia Qiu

Stuart Jeckel

"I gained confidence and trust in my abilities, as well as discovered my capacity for leadership."

~ Stuart Jeckel

"I realized my lifelong dream of starting a big band."

~ Brooks Prumo


After working with Meg, I feel like I have a new, empowered approach to being myself. The concepts I learned became powerful guides on how to make authentic choices, have more facility with my emotions and adapt more easily to stressors. I now move with more grace through experiences when I feel unmotivated, misunderstood or confused.

~ Alexis Masso

What else do clients focus on?

Clients can focus on one area at a time -- such as improving their relationships -- or work on several aspects of their life simultaneously.

My clients often work with me for more than one year, in which case we may have the opportunity to explore many different aspects of their holistic success

In this process, as in life, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Based on your unique goals and values, we will design the path forward. We revisit our plan often, making sure to tailor it as we go.


The time I’ve spent with Meg has been life changing. Even though it was challenging and sometimes scary to do this work, I always felt exquisitely supported and inspired by Meg’s strength and encouragement. My family and friends have remarked at how grounded I am, and have noticed I’m more empowered in approaching challenging situations in my life.

~ Lauren Bruce

Private Life Coaching


per month

  • 3 coaching sessions
  • Tailored practices
  • Up to 2, 15-minute spot coaching sessions per month
  • WhatsApp support


I have never experienced being in the care of a professional who has so challenged me to grow and helped me understand that my growth was of my own will. By rallying with me to identify places and ways I tend to stop, and giving me tangible resources to move beyond these stops, Meg helped me become my best self.

~ Elizabeth Tuazon

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