What is next-level success for you?

Perhaps it’s increased revenue, better work-life balance, or improved relationships with your clients. Maybe you’re interested in improving communication with your business partner, overcoming overwhelm, or growing your confidence as a CEO.

Let’s work together to make it happen.

My holistic approach to business coaching supports you in:

  • Identifying and pursuing goals that align with your unique values and aspirations
  • Making your business more visible than ever before
  • Strengthening your leadership skills
  • Delegating and accepting more support
  • Creating kickass accountability partnerships to keep you on track
  • Building confidence and ditching your overwhelm
  • Owning what you want on a whole new level
  • Creating work-life balance
  • Finding and stepping into your zone of genius
  • Cultivating more authenticity and intentionality in your business relationships
  • Learning to move through your blocks (fears, limiting beliefs and habits like procrastination)
  • Cultivating more resilience in the face of challenges
  • Moving past people pleasing

(P.S. I also have a business mastermind, if you prefer to work me + a group of peers)

Your private coaching experience includes:

  • Three, 60-minute phone calls per month
  • Tailored exercises based on our calls
  • Training on my favorite tools for transformation
  • Six books selected for you based on your goals

Investment: $1,550/month

What do people accomplish?

Some of my past clients share how coaching supported their next-level success:


"I am currently traveling the world and getting paid to live my dreams."

~ Candice Cusic, photographer

Michael Jobling

"Megan challenged me to commit to working in the international wine industry. I am now moving to France and devoting myself to this dream."

~ Michael Jobling, wine consultant

Jo Hoffberg

"Megan helped me grow my business; the sessions were instrumental in helping me launch my most recent dance training program, which has sold out three times over!"

~ Jo Hoffberg, professional lindy hopper

"I raised my prices and got hired for what I'm worth."

~ Yvette Gorman Holmes, coach

"I've discovered how to embrace self-expression in my work, and learned to set boundaries that honor my needs. I'm attracting incredible clients who align with my authentic voice."

~ Bonnie Cassamassima, founder of Interweave People Place

Shavon Carter

"I published my second book, started my business Walking in Wholeness LLC and become a lead facilitator for the REAL Women organization."

~ Shavon Carter, coach and facilitator

"Meg's support has helped me weather professional challenges with confidence, clarity and positivity. I now get to wake up every morning and do something I find deeply meaningful."

~ Will Drucker, founder of Split Spirits

"I launched my nutrition consulting business, got my first paying clients, increased my confidence, and learned how to be kinder to myself."

~ Melissa Gellert, chef

Hurry, Mastermind Registration Closes on December 10th!