Imagine this scenario for a moment

What if...

  • …you had an amazing group of accountability partners in 2022?
  • …building your empire got to be fun
  • …skyrocketing your visibility felt like an engaging game?
  • …your entrepreneurial journey became ninja training for living better overall?
  • …your business practices honored your vision, needs and values
  • …you created shortcuts to success by using your intuition and being yourself?
  • …each aspect of your sales and marketing felt like a “hell yes”?

If this were the case, you’d make more money and be way more fulfilled.  Pretty sweet combination, right?


The "Hell Yes" Business Mastermind

January 10 - December 19, 2022

What's it like to be in the mastermind?

Click the icon to hear from some of the program’s alumni.

In this program, you’ll deep dive into entrepreneurial topics, choose the ideas and methods you love, and integrate them into your business model.

Throughout the journey, your peers and I will be there to

  • encourage you
  • help you explore lessons learned
  • remind you of your big vision
  • celebrate your progress. 

It’s the sort of deliciously challenging, experiential approach that creates big change.

Want to play? 

Who joins the mastermind?

You’re a fit for the mastermind if:

  • You’re a mission-driven entrepreneur
  • You have clearly defined services or products you deeply believe in
  • You’re itching to get your work into the world in a much bigger way
  • You want growing your business to be as fulfilling and fun as possible
  • You believe work should support your wellbeing in all areas
  • You love being inspired by and learning from a diverse group of peers
  • You are allergic to the one-size-fits-all approach to success

Past members have come from many different backgrounds.

We've had a marketing expert from Baltimore, a whiskey producer from Vermont, an author from Utah, a solar energy innovator from Chicago, coaches and consultants from around the United States and Canada, a community leader from Cape Town, a bookkeeper in Missouri; a photographer from Washington DC, an interior design expert from Knoxville and many others.

Signs you'll thrive in the program:

You’re self-motivated and reliable to apply what you’re learning 
You take action and learn from what works, as well as what doesn’t
You are a team player
You value community, play, proactive communication and integrity
You’re crystal clear on the product or service you offer, and you’re excited to share it with more people
You’re ready to show up reliably and consistently for the full 12 months

Signs this isn't for you:

You need a lot of hand holding
When something doesn’t work, you shut down (rather than get curious)
You consistently take more than you give or you’re “high maintenance” 
You don’t share these values
You’re not sure about the product or service you offer, or you aren’t over-the-moon excited to bring it to the world
You typically don’t see programs or projects through to completion

Ready to apply?

Fill out a brief questionnaire and grab a time to video chat with me here.

I believe business can be a vehicle for fulfillment, wealth and becoming the best version of yourself.

I love helping entrepreneurs scale their companies in a fun, sustainable way, and it's a delight to host this mastermind each year.

The work you do to grow your empire shouldn’t feel like a slog! And you certainly don’t need to use a generic, five-step-formula based on another person’s ideals. In fact, trying to mimic others or force yourself into a mold can be what blocks your “hell yes” experience.

It’s time to grow your company in a way that leaves you deeply satisfied.

That’s right: Your business, your rules.


Some of the topics we'll cover

(We will look at what the group needs most and adapt the schedule. For a year-long program to be effective, it needs to be responsive.)


Know what, how and where to outsource when something isn't a "hell yes" for you


Connect with potential customers in a way that leaves both of you better, whether or not they sign on

Marketing + Visibility

Get way more eyes on your product or services in a way that feels awesome

High-level decision making

No more getting stuck in the details or obsessing over a pros and cons list.


Gracefully and effectively navigate new opportunities with potential partners or clients

Difficult conversations

Improve your ability to show up with presence and intention to create the best outcome possible

Project Planning

Avoid common mistakes when plotting your next quarter or year of business

Business relationships

Strategic partnerships. Colleagues. Clients. Business IS relationships.

It's important to be a “hell yes” to your business in each of these areas.

When you enjoy what you do, you’re better at it and stick with the process. Entrepreneurship is a lifelong commitment, and it’s one you can savor.



*Your first payment for the program is $1400 (your first and last month).  Thereafter, you will make 10 monthly payments of $700, due by the first of each month.

What's included?

This comprehensive program was designed to immerse you in tools, concepts and support that will change how you do business.

Each month, you receive:

  • Practices and curriculum
  • 3, 60-minute group mastermind calls
  • 2, 60-minute walk-and-talk book club sessions
  • Ongoing communication through our private WhatsApp Channel
  • 1, 60-minute private coaching session
  • Membership in my virtual coworking collective

BONUS: A 3-hour group kickoff call on January 10, 2022

More About Our Group Calls

Mastermind Calls

During these sessions, numerous things can happen: a guest speaker may present on a topic, participants receive coaching or training, the group checks in on accountability items, we celebrate progress, or we support one another around business obstacles. Each participant is responsible for leading one call during the year. This is a time to share your gifts (a great way to generate referrals), receive feedback on your material, practice facilitation or whatever else most serves you.

Book Club Calls

These more informal sessions are when we discuss readings. We call them "walk-and-talks" because you're welcome to keep your video off while you take a jaunt around the block or otherwise do what supports you.

Sounding good?

Fill out your application and grab a time to video chat with me here.

Meet more of the alumni


Megan is a powerful coach, dedicated accountability partner and a seasoned business-builder who is generous with her time and expertise. Megan helped me create courses, workshops and programs infused with my values and personality. Through our work together, I discovered work can be fun and that work life balance is possible. I am walking away from my coaching experience feeling proud of all I’ve accomplished, excited about the future of my business and more self-trust and self-love than ever before.


The support Meg provided was beyond imagination. Coaching with her has been a valuable, transformative, and fun experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life.


Megan has supported my journey from the earliest stages of my business to launch last year. Her support has helped me weather both professional and personal challenges with confidence, clarity and positivity. I now get to wake up every morning and do something I find deeply meaningful and in line with my values, skills and personality. I would recommend Megan as an advocate and guide to aspiring entrepreneurs.


Meg was the combination of everything I looked for in a business coach. She leads by example. She is a fantastic listener. She cuts through the BS and asks powerful questions that prompt action.


I worked with Megan as my private coach and also enrolled in her mastermind group. She was the first coach I ever worked with and I can whole-heartedly say that if you're thinking of investing in coaching I highly recommend you go for it. Over the past year, I've moved to a new city, refined my business offerings, discovered how to embrace self-expression in my work, and learned to set boundaries that honor my needs. I'm better able to follow my heart and intuition, and show up to all that I do as my authentic self. I'm attracting incredible clients who align with my authentic voice too. I feel more confident than ever investing in myself and embracing the support required to go big!


Working with Megan in her year-long Mastermind group was pivotal in my growth and exploration. It not only taught me the value of a group dynamic but it also taught me a new 'language.' I find myself using her words and her approaches in my everyday life now.


I've been supported by Megan in both individual and group coaching settings, and I have attended her travel retreats. She is intuitive, energetic, reliable, and transformational. If you're looking to create something awesome in your life, career, relationships, etc., I highly recommend speaking to Megan!

Why did I create this mastermind?

I created this program based on my own experience as an entrepreneur. Over the years, 1:1 coaching support and plenty of help from my peers have been key to me growing a business and lifestyle I love.

I've created:

  • A six-figure coaching practice
  • Two travel companies that led incredible trips to Argentina, Brazil the Dominican Republic and India.
  • A virtual coworking community that has supported entrepreneurs and changemakers across four continents
  • A lifestyle where I balance work that I enjoy with hobbies that light me up
  • And more…

My goal in this program is to help you increase your entrepreneurial know-how in order to develop a more lucrative, values-based company.

I want you to enjoy your business and your life.

So let's have fun, get weird, try new things and learn as much as possible.


What is a mastermind?

A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. The concept was coined in 1925 by author Napoleon Hill in his book The Law of Success, and described in more detail in his 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich.

Is there a set curriculum?

No. Meg has a plan for what she will present and when, however this is subject to change based on the group’s needs. No group is the same, and unexpected events (such as a pandemic or an emergency for a group member), may inspire a change in the plan.

Topics we will likely cover include:

  • Relationships: Business is all about relationships with clients, potential clients, business partners, accountability partners, vendors, and many others. In this module, you will build soft skills that will strengthen your relationships, as well as
    identify relational blind spots that can get in the way of your success.
  • Owning your weird: What are the things that make you distinct? If you’re not aware of them or putting them on loudspeaker, you’re probably missing out on higher engagement with your work and attracting your true ideal clients.
  • Intuition: Intuition is a scientifically proven phenomenon. Get to know yours better and begin to leverage it in your business.
  • Self-care: Whether it’s actually taking a vacation or learning to set better boundaries with clients, self-care is a critical part of entrepreneurship.
  • Aligned Offerings: You deserve products and programs that make your heart sing! Let’s make sure you absolutely love what you’re offering the world. As I like to say: Have fun and the money will come!
  • Publicity: How to get featured on podcasts, blogs, and in media outlets.
  • Digital marketing: Let’s make sure your website converts, you have excellent SEO and that you make the most of each piece of content you produce.
  • Gamification: Let’s make business more fun!
  • Next-level success mindset: Are you actively cultivating the mindset you need to build a “hell yes” business?
  • Sales (and money), honey: Sales is not just the way you make money. Sales can be fun and a vehicle for self-actualization. This module focuses on clearing up blocks in between you and the money you deserve.
  • Networking and visibility: Learn about my best practices for spreading the word about your business and finding clients who will pay for your services.
  • Passive income products: You’ll create, install, and learn to market a passive income product.

What's new in 2022?

New features include:

  • Sneak peaks into my own business: Each week, you’ll get a detailed weekly report of my own business. You’ll know exactly what I’m doing and why. This isn’t because I do business the “right” way — that doesn’t actually exist — but because my approach can spark your creativity!
  • Surprise packages: Who doesn’t love mail? …and especially mail that supports your entrepreneurial journey?

  • Gorgeous PDFs: At the beginning of the month, you’ll love seeing these pop into your inbox. They’ll outline our plan and include activities and exercises.

How much time should I set aside for mastermind work each week?

Outside of our sessions, you’ll want a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 5 hours set aside. You could use this time to talk to your buddy for the month, do the reading, or work on your business using a tool you’ve learned.

When are the calls?

Each month, there are three mastermind calls and two book club calls. Mastermind calls will be held from 2 p.m. ET – 3:00 p.m. ET on Mondays. Book club calls are held from 12:30 p.m. ET – 1:30 p.m. ET on Wednesdays. A comprehensive schedule of the sessions will be available one month before the program start date.

How many calls can I miss?

It’s best for the group dynamic when members attend as many calls as possible. If you anticipate missing more than one call per month, this is likely not the group for you.

How many people participate?

I keep the group small so that each member gets plenty of focused attention.

Why do I have to apply?

The mastermind is not right for everyone. I keep a special eye on the group dynamic.

Are there scholarships available?

There are a select number of discounted tuition scholarships available.

What is the difference between coaching, consulting and therapy?

In therapy, the client goes through a process of healing. They talk with their therapist about what happened in the past and how it affects the present. The client’s goal is to get back to their baseline — their normal experience of life. If you are working with a therapist, you must get clearance from her before hiring a coach.

In consulting, the consultant considers themselves the expert and tells the client what to do. It is up to the client whether to apply the advice they receive.

Coaches are expert facilitators who work with clients to discover what they truly want, create a roadmap to get there, work through their fears, and remove blocks stalling their momentum. The coach works with the client to tap into their own inner knowing, brilliance, strength, and resilience as they move forward. This can be confronting (but ultimately liberating) for clients who look for answers outside of themselves, get stuck in “I don’t know how,” or subconsciously carry the story “I’m not good enough.” Coaches work with clients to change how they show up to challenges in a once-and-for-all way.

Spots are limited, so apply now!

Fill out your application and grab a time to video chat with me here.

Hurry, Mastermind Registration Closes on December 10th!