Ready to thrive?

Join our virtual co-working community for entrepreneurs and changemakers

Ready to thrive?

Join our virtual co-working community for entrepreneurs and changemakers

Work for yourself, not by yourself!

Do you ever feel like…

Working from home is great, but you miss the fun and connection of being around other people?

You need more accountability to tackle intimidating or annoying projects?

You would appreciate more acknowledgement, brainstorming about your projects, and support from savvy peers?

You would love a coworking space, but the investment is too high, you travel too much, you're a caregiver, or it's too far from your home?

You crave an intimate community of entrepreneurs and changemakers who get what you’re going through and can give you immediate advice?

You love your freedom… but know you could be more productive?

The Thriving Creator

The secret ingredient you're missing is COMMUNITY... and you're in the right place! 

Within The Thriving Creator, you will...

  • Enjoy virtual coworking sessions that become the most productive part of your week
  • Find the accountability structure to tackle your to-do’s (especially those you typically put off!)
  • Foster deep connection among motivated visionaries so you always have support at your fingertips 
  • Infuse your work day with more fun, connection and spontaneous dance parties

Membership Levels

Choose your own adventure with these levels. Your involvement depends on your needs -- connect with Thrivers daily or log on and grab the nuggets you want a few times a week (often, people become more involved as they get to know their fellow participants). Nothing is mandatory.

I continue to improve on these structures thanks to input from Thrivers! Is there something that would improve your experience? Email me at

The Basic

(only 100 available) 12 month contract, pay monthly or
pay $500 for the full year
  • Unlimited Virtual Coworking
  • Community Connection Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 30-Minute Coaching Session
  • Accountability Training
  • Megan's Private Mastermind

The Community

(only 25 available) 12 month contract, pay monthly or
pay $1000 for the full year
  • Unlimited Virtual Coworking
  • Community Connection Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 30-Minute Coaching Session
  • Accountability Training
  • Megan's Private Mastermind

The Mastermind

(only 10 available - must apply) 12 month contract, pay monthly or
pay $6,250 for the full year
  • Unlimited Virtual Coworking
  • Community Connection Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 30-Minute Coaching Session
  • Accountability Training
  • Megan's Private Mastermind

You can cancel anytime with 30 days' notice.

Megan Taylor Morrison

Hey there! I'm Megan Taylor Morrison -- founder of this community.

I designed The Thriving Creator -- the collective I wish I’d had when I started my businesses -- because I believe entrepreneurship should lead to more freedom and connection, not overworking and isolation. As a first generation entrepreneur myself, I needed a ton of support to overcome my fear, normalize the entrepreneurial journey and to create a sustainable business I love.

Having support at your fingertips gives you the accountability, resilience, connection, and mastermind-ing goodness to do work efficiently and supercharge your motivation.

In my own life, a tightnight community of entrepreneurs helped me launch two businesses, have my first $20,000 month, and move abroad to the Dominican Republic.

Today, I am a business coach and dance-obsessed world traveler. It’s my pleasure to help you build your ideal community, business and lifestyle.

The Thriving Creator contains everything an entrepreneur needs to build a successful, fulfilling business while not burning out or feeling overwhelmed. I’ve tested these structures with my clients, and continue to expand upon what works.


The Thriving Creator is perfect for you if...

  • You know you need more accountability and support to reach your next level of success
  • You deeply believe in your work and have a big vision for your future
  • You want a community of inspired, motivated, and authentic men and women who are committed to building lifestyles they are INSANELY proud of
  • You believe in the importance of intuition and a positive mindset
  • You don’t mind breaking up your work day with the occasional dance party

Creating your next level of success can be -- dare I say it? -- fun!

Woman working with computer, view from above

You had the GUTS and VISION to get your company up and running. Now it’s time to stop going it alone.

In the Collective, you will find friends who challenge you to create your ideal business and lifestyle, celebrate your wins, believe in you when you start doubting, and give you a constant flow of inspiration and practical tips.

Wouldn’t it be great to have other experts to work alongside, brainstorm with you about your next project, chat with about business finances, read over your sales page, or recommend contractors -- just because they want you to win?

Ready to sign up?

Check out our membership options! Please note that we interview all potential members to make sure they are a good fit for the community. Once you’re in, you will have immediate access to the online portal where you can find our coworking calendar and some fun surprises.

Monthly Themes

To keep the conversation going, we have monthly themes. These themes are a focal point for videos, PDFs, and group discussion. You can, of course, bring other topics, as well!


Clarity + Ease In Your New Year




Delight Your




Schedule like a




“Hell yes!”


The Intuitive


Systems + Support
For More Flow


The Drama-Free




Marketing +

Frequently Asked Questions

Praise From Megan's Clients

“Megan helped me realize so much of my own power, and now I have the courage to own my identity as a Powerful Artistic Goddess Entrepreneur. With Megan’s enthusiastic approach, tools, and compassionate guidance, I found and created value in my own life and skills. I have never experienced being in the care of a professional who has so challenged me to grow and helped me understand that my growth was of my own will. ”
-Elizabeth Tuazon

"Megan is an accountability ass-kicker, inspirational leader, and one of the best decisions I have made not only for my business, but in my life. I am currently traveling the world and getting paid to live my dreams. Don't hesitate to contact her!"

-Candice Cusic

"Over my year of coaching with Megan, my business improved and expanded exponentially. I highly recommend her as a business coach, life coach, and all-around cheerleader for success and empowerment. Sometimes you meet someone who is using her talents and spirit in the exact way she is meant to. Megan is one of those people."

-Rachel Hegarty

“Through my work with Megan, I created major shifts. I stopped agonizing about the “right” decision, berating myself over mistakes, and getting stuck on the “should haves.” Megan helped me grow my business; the weekly accountability sessions were instrumental in helping me launch my most recent program for online dance training -- a program that has sold out three times over! I feel like Megan is the ultimate cheerleader. She has supported me and cheered me along every step of the way, and helped me believe in myself when I was ready to give up.” -Jo Hoffberg

“When I first hopped on the phone with Megan, I had no idea that she would become a dear friend, supporter and coach for me in my work between the US and Japan. While working with Megan, I launched, reached personal goals in my health and relationships, and laid the foundation for my involvement in the Tokyo 2020 Games. Megan is an extraordinary woman to work with -- organized, prepared, personal, focused, and fun. After each of our calls, If elt emotionally rejuvenate and supported, as well as strategically ready to act on my goals.” -Lauren Zelek

“Megan is an amazing coach. Period. She stood only for my highest potential and the life I truly desired and was capable of. After years of working a job I did not love, I said “hell yes!” to my dreams. By the end of our time working together, I had started my own coaching practice, been accepted into a graduate program in nutrition and integrative health, and moved from being a victim to being fully responsible in my relationships. Before I met Megan, I was scared and hiding my gifts of abilities. I cannot say enough about her ability to break down resistance and limiting beliefs, create a mindset that supports moving forward with dreams, say the bold thing, and truly hold her clients accountable to creating the life they desire. Without Megan’s coaching, I would not be where I am today.” -Diana McArdle

“After a year of 70-hour, start-up-business work weeks, I realized that my hyper focus impacted my family, friends and love life. I wanted to repair my social and family life and create a more balanced schedule.  Megan helped me focus on my goals in a loving, genuine, and clever way.  I am extremely grateful, and made so much progress in a short period of time. I would recommend her to any hyper-focused business owner. Thank you Megan, it really means the world to me.” -Michael Gordon

"Megan's coaching has been an invaluable resource to me. Through out work together, I launched my nutrition consulting business, got my first paying clients, increased my confidence, and learned how to be kinder to myself. I also learned to motivate myself and experienced how the universe sends things my way when I take action. Megan helped me shift my energy and mindset, as well as to better understand my strengths and how to work through my weaknesses. She gave me tools I will use the rest of my life."

-Melissa Gellert

"Through Megan's coaching, I realized my lifelong dream of starting a big band. She helped me create a plan with milestones and action steps to bring my dream to reality. The coaching helped me identify my blocks, the underlying reasons for the blocks, and how to work through these obstacles to continue making progress. I am now working with amazing musicians and our band has gigs in the books, as well as our own arrangements of classic big band songs. I would highly recommend Megan's coaching to anyone!"

-Brooks Prumo

“The love and support Megan provided is beyond imagination. Coaching with her has been a valuable, transformative, and fun experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Through our work, I reclaimed my personal power, learned that I am the leader of my life, and saw that I can create what I desire. I started my own coaching business, trained for a half marathon, and built deeper connections with people everywhere. Megan created a safe haven for sharing my truth. She is a unique combination of compassion, wisdom, and fearlessness in sharing what she sees and holding me accountable. Megan’s partnership, creativity and joy are true gifts.” -Hang Zhao

“Megan is a phenomenal coach and well worth the investment! I had the pleasure of working with her for 18 months and created so much dopeness during that time frame. Megan’s grace, patience, love and instinct as a coach has contributed to be completing a rigorous 12-month coach training and leadership program; pursuing ICF coach certification; publishing my second book “Dear Ms. Wholeness”; starting my business “Walking in Wholeness LLC”; becoming a lead facilitator for the REAL Women organization; finding love and maintaining a healthy relationship; and accepting and falling in love with the woman I am. Megan called forth my greatness and I am so grateful for that.” -Shavon Carter

“Dream big and she’ll dream big with you. Reach deep within and she’ll reach with you. A good coach will ask the right questions, poke the right spots, and encourage you to be the best version of yourself -- Megan certainly does that! Her passion, drive and enthusiasm for others is unparalleled. She helped me identify self-defeating habits, cultivate mindfulness and plan big goals. I’m ready to take charge of the new year thanks to Megan - I highly recommend taking the opportunity to have her as a coach!” -Sijia Qiu

“Megan is fantastic to work with. She was instrumental in distilling my nebulous dreams into concrete goals. From there she encouraged me to identify and take those first real steps toward accomplishing them. She maintained a safe space for me to be honest with myself about my fears and my strengths. I recommend without reservation that you try her services.” -Ben Long

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Three-month commitment required. After the initial three months, please give us one month's notice before your payment is due if you need to cancel.