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Cowork with entrepreneurs and changemakers worldwide!

Working from home is great, but you miss the fun and connection of being around other people?

You need more accountability to tackle intimidating or annoying projects?

You would appreciate more acknowledgement, brainstorming about your projects, and support from savvy peers?

You would love a coworking space, but the investment is too high, you travel too much, you're a caregiver, or it's too far from your home?

You crave an intimate community of entrepreneurs and changemakers who get what you’re going through?

You love your freedom… but know you could be more productive?

You enjoy working for yourself, but not by yourself


The secret ingredient you're missing is COMMUNITY... and you're in the right place! 

Within The Thriving Creator, you will...

  • Enjoy virtual coworking sessions that become the most productive part of your week
  • Find the accountability structure to tackle your to-do’s (especially those you typically put off!)
  • Foster deep connection among motivated visionaries so you always have support at your fingertips 
  • Infuse your work day with more fun, connection and spontaneous dance parties

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Megan Taylor Morrison

Hey there! I'm Megan Taylor Morrison and I'm the founder of this community.

I designed The Thriving Creator -- the collective I wish I’d had when I started my businesses -- because I believe entrepreneurship should lead to more freedom and connection, not overworking and isolation. 

I love virtual coworking because it gives people like you the accountability and connection to reach next-level success.

Our community members have launched businesses, published research or articles in major publications, doubled their revenue and much more. We work alongside and root for one another. It's amazing to see everyone's commitment pay off!

Want people to witness and support your journey?

The Thriving Creator is perfect for you if...

  • You know you need more accountability and support to reach your next level of success
  • You deeply believe in your work and have a big vision for your future
  • You want a community of inspired, motivated, and authentic men and women who are committed to building lifestyles they are INSANELY proud of
  • You believe in the importance of intuition and a positive mindset
  • You don’t mind breaking up your work day with the occasional dance party

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Check out our membership options! Please note that we interview all potential members to make sure they are a good fit for the community. Once you’re in, you will have immediate access to the online portal where you can find our coworking calendar and some fun surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Praise For the Community

“As an entrepreneur, one of my biggest struggles is feeling isolated. This collective creates community, and the accountability is invaluable."
-Julie, Baltimore

"This replaced my trips to the coffee shop."
-Katarina, Oakland

“I thrive on the support of coworking, and this group makes it so much more accessible. I use the coworking sessions as dedicated time to get things done I’ve been avoiding or work on the important, long-term projects  that so often take back seat to less important tasks with tighter deadlines.”
-Natalya, Montreal

"The co-working calls are brilliant -- they give me a simple, real-time accountability structure.”
-Jon, San Diego

“This helped me set aside a time where I can focus. It helped me work steadily toward my important goals without the sense of overwhelm and anxiety.”
-Erin, Washington DC

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Three-month commitment required. After the initial three months, please give us one month's notice before your payment is due if you need to cancel.