As the days grow shorter, our energy naturally declines and we may feel tired or even depressed. How can we stabilize our energy and make sure our quality of life and work do not suffer?

Here are a few of my favorite tips:

1. Set your intention
Try out the following journal prompts to set your intention: How will I take exquisite care of myself this fall? How will I celebrate this time of year? What do I need to do for myself when the short days get me down? Post your answers somewhere you’ll see them every day.

2. Listen to your body
You are adjusting to changes in temperature, sunlight, and more. What does it need to make the transition? More sleep? A massage? Lots of healthy fats and proteins? Give yourself permission to say “Yes!” to what your body asks for, and remember that slowing down during this transition is normal and natural.

3. Stay active!
Give yourself permission to rest, but resist the urge to hibernate. What sort of activity would feel best for you right now? You might swap out your solo summer jogs for a Barre class, for instance. I love to join group classes in the autumn and winter because it gives me the accountability I need to stay active.

4. Get Social With Autumn Activities You Love
Research shows social connections fight feelings of loneliness and increase your resilience. Some of my favorite community activities in the fall include autumn-themed dinners, apple picking, visits to the farmer’s market, movie nights, and bonfires. Plan these events ahead of time, so you have things to look forward to.

5. Create an Autumn Meal Plan
Eating seasonally means you get food packed with nutrients.  I love this article about ayurvedic eating tips for fall.

6. Harvest the bounty in your business
Autumn is the time to check in with potential clients before they get busy with holiday activities. The autumn is a time of abundance, as well as the last quarter of the fiscal year, so it is a great time to finalize contracts.

7. Set up your fall wardrobe
The clothes you wear can change how you act in life and business (read more here). Filling my closet with gorgeous fall colors and bringing out my favorite boots always makes me feel ready to make the most of the season.

8. Think Vitamin D
Your body produces vitamin D naturally when you’re in the sun. When the days grow shorter, your levels of Vitamin D can drop and make you feel more tired and depressed. In the autumn, I always take a vitamin D supplement. I also have many friends who swear by UV lamps.

How are you taking care of yourself this fall? Comment and let me know!

Embrace the Adventure,


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