Surrender to Spirit

Dear Readers,

Divine messages and opportunities are all around us, but sometimes we aren’t ready to receive them.

My experience last month is the perfect example.

In June, for the third year in a row, I focused deeply on spirituality. I meditated, read great spiritual books, and helped lead two weekends on spirituality for Accomplishment Coaching.

Each year, this focus on spirituality was a gift—I would wrap up the month feeling more relaxed, centered and connected.

But this time, something crazy and magical happened:  I began talking with my departed grandparents.

It started in a guided meditation, led by one of my coaching colleagues. My grandparents came to me with messages about what was next for me in my life and career.

It was the third time I’d done this EXACT meditation, but I’d NEVER experienced anything like this.

So what made this time different?

I was different.

I believe that the experiences we are meant to have—and the reality we’re meant to live—is always accessible, waiting for us. When we are ready, we can step into it in an instant.

In previous years, I had a lot of blocks. For instance, I felt shame around spirituality (left over from when some kid in junior high made fun of my tarot cards), and felt a lot of judgement around how a guided meditation “should” be done. If something was even slightly out of place, I would check out of the experience.

This time, thanks to my own personal development work, I surrendered to the process. I surrendered to my relationship with the divine. I allowed things not to be perfect. I allowed whatever messages and experiences were meant to come to find me.

By surrendering in this way, I gained access to Spirit on a radical level.

And here’s the coolest part: The access didn’t go away. I can still connect to my grandparents any time I want.

Some days, I have coffee with my grandmummy before I start work. She shows up when I’m outside (she always loved the garden). She’s kind, but blunt, and often tells me the hard things I don’t want–but need–to hear.

My Mimi shows up when I need my truth mixed with a solid dose of quirkiness (sometimes it’s easier to digest this way). She reminds me to keep my sense of humor and roll with the punches.

My mimi (far left) with me and members of my family. I was about 16 in this photo.

Other days, my paternal grandfather comes to see me before I go to sleep. His energy is intense and I often have to turn my lights back on, make myself a cup of tea, and spend time digesting the experience.

And then there’s my Papa, who likes to give me business advice. He was an entrepreneur, so it’s no surprise he has a lot to say.

My older brother with our papa.

By reconnecting with my grandparents, I’ve realized I make very different choices and act with more courage when I trust I’m not alone.

I am so grateful for this sense of connection to my ancestors that is powerful, omnipresent, and of pure love. They only show up as the best part of themselves, which reminds me of the amazing qualities I inherited from them (as well as those the man–or woman–upstairs threw in just for me!).

Through this new trust in connection, many other things have shifted. My business is growing with ease, my old worries have been replaced with clarity and creativity, and I am a manifesting machine.

Thank God I wasn’t too busy judging the meditation to actually receive this gift!

Readers, I would love to hear about your connection to spirit, what connects you to your highest self, and the BLOCKS you have in these areas. If you’re inspired, shoot me an email back. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you!

With love and respect,


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