What people are saying:

“Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with Meg on Dance Adventures. She is a true gem who exudes all the qualities of a leader and visionary. She is patient. She is kind. But most importantly, you can feel her deep love for what she does and her great appreciation for showcasing others. Her selflessness is truly unmatched. Working with her helped me grow in ways I hadn’t expected. She allowed me to reminisce and think about my life like I never had before. Meg’s attention to detail and curiosity about the intricate moments of life have made her one of the most wonderful people I’ve had the honor to work with. If you get an opportunity to collaborate with her, do not pass it up. It is life changing.”
—Courtney Celeste Spears

“I learned so much about storytelling, including how to bring readers into a moment with me. With Meg’s help, I’ve created a story that I love, and that people can connect with.”
—Zsuzsi Kapas

“I really enjoyed going through the writing process with Meg. I loved how her edits guided and clarified my voice.”
—Laurie Bonner-Baker

“Working with Meg was a wonderful experience. I was incredibly nervous about participating in this endeavor. Meg was supportive and very encouraging, leading me to feel optimistic about the potential of my story and comfortable speaking with her about what makes me feel vulnerable. Meg made the process easy and fun. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her.”
—Khalila Fordham

“Meg’s patience, creativity, and passion allowed my writing to become more vibrant and engaging without sacrificing any of my story.”
—Alex Milweski

“It was a pleasure to team up with Meg to make sure my story was not only factually precise, but also fun to read. I learned a lot about writing through this process.”
—Kara Nepomuceno

“Meg always had awesome suggestions about ways to make my story better, and I liked how she gave specific deadlines and reminded me gently when I needed to finish something.”
—Carolyn McPherson



This price includes:

  • Two, 60-minute live calls with Meg per month 
  • Four hours of editing per month
  • Additional live sessions can be purchased at $150/hour
  • Additional editing can be purchased at $90/hour