Quotes on Fear

Dear Readers,

What do Dale Carnegie, Beyoncé, and Yoda have in common?

Fear doesn’t stop them.

Today, we channel their brilliance–and the brilliance of many others–to look at the topic of FEAR. Why? Because fear stops many of us from living the big, bold, fully expressed lives we want to live.


What are you afraid to do?

No, seriously. Think about it. Call it to mind.

Are you scared to start a business? Move to that city you’ve always dreamed of living in? Leave a relationship you know isn’t right for you?

And how LONG have you been afraid? How long has this fear been stopping you?

It is part of the human experience to be blocked by our fear (some of you may remember that fear stopped me from starting my business for EIGHT YEARS), but if we wait for fear to disappear, we’ll wait a long time…maybe even forever.

Don’t get me wrong–there are some things we SHOULD be afraid of, like cliff diving or swimming with sharks. Fears about putting ourselves in danger are instinctual and are born into us. THANK GOD we have those fears or our species might not exist.

What I’m talking about is a different kind of fear: Fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of not being good enough. These fears we create inside our minds. They are part of an imagined future that may never come to pass.


What would you create if you could release those types of fears?

I implore you to look because there is a cost to bottling up our passions and visions.

When we DON’T push forward, it can lead to bitterness and resentment.

I remember how not pursuing my dreams created suffering in many ways: the internal suffering around wondering “what if,” the suffering of knowing I wasn’t following my calling, and the suffering of feeling jealousy toward people I knew who WERE living on purpose.

How does your fear create suffering for you?

There are plenty of reasons why NOT to go after that thing you want. I’m not interested in those. I’m interested in WHY YOU WOULD. 

Do you have a reason that’s BIGGER than the fear?

Get in touch with the vision of what COULD BE and the impact you COULD HAVE if you went for it.

From that place….act.

And while the fear may always be there, you may create a different relationship to it.

Perhaps feeling the fear doesn’t mean that something is going to go wrong. It may mean, instead, that you are on the right track.

With love and happy feet,


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