Private Life Coaching

Is being practical a bad thing?

What do you truly, deeply want?

Perhaps it’s closer relationships, a greater sense of self love, more confidence, increased clarity around your personal goals or better work-life balance.

While you know you're smart and that others see you as successful, you seem to be stuck around creating what's next.

Let’s work together to create holistic success in your life.

My holistic approach to life coaching supports you in:

  • Identifying and pursuing goals that align with your unique values and aspirations
  • Cultivating greater self-care and self-love
  • Building confidence and ditching your overwhelm
  • Owning what you want on a whole new level
  • Learning to move through your blocks (fears, limiting beliefs and habits like procrastination)
  • Cultivating more resilience in the face of challenges
  • Saying more “hell yes” to your own ideas and more “bug off” to your critics (including your inner critic)
  • Moving past people pleasing

Not sure if this program is right for you?

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This program is tailored specifically to you and will give you the support, tools, and skills to create holistic success in your life and business.


Here’s What My Clients Say About Their Experience.

Elizabeth Tuazon

“Megan helped me realize so much of my own power, and now I have the courage to own my identity as a Powerful Artistic Goddess Entrepreneur. With Megan’s enthusiastic approach, tools, and compassionate guidance, I found and created value in my own life and skills. I have never experienced being in the care of a professional who has so challenged me to grow and helped me understand that my growth was of my own will. By rallying with me to identify places and ways I tend to stop, and giving me tangible resources to move beyond these stops, Megan helped me become my best self.”
-Elizabeth Tuazon

Michael Gordon

“After a year of 70-hour, start-up-business work weeks, I realized that my hyper focus impacted my family, friends and love life. I wanted to repair my social and family life and create a more balanced schedule. Megan helped me focus on my goals in a loving, genuine, and clever way. I am extremely grateful, and made so much progress in a short period of time. I would recommend her to any hyper-focused business owner. Thank you Megan, it really means the world to me.”
-Michael Gordon

Lauren Bruce

“The time I’ve spent working with Megan has been absolutely life changing. Even though it was challenging and sometimes scary to do this work, I always felt exquisitely supported and inspired by Megan’s strength and encouragement. My family and friends have remarked at how grounded I am, and have noticed i’m more empowered in approaching challenging situations in my life. I wish I could have her support for my entire career!”
-Lauren Bruce

The life you want is possible now and it starts with a choice:

Take the familiar road that leads to the same old results or start down a new path with me as your partner and guide.

Choosing to work with a coach can feel daunting because it’s saying “Yes!” to doing deep work on yourself and an unusual level of partnership, intimacy, and vulnerability.

Choosing something outside of your comfort zone and inviting change is, by its nature, uncomfortable.  But when we consistently take action outside our comfort zone we produce unpredictable results — quantum leaps toward the life that we want.

Working with my own coach was the best decision I ever made. Sharing this work with people every day is one of my deepest joys and honors.

It’s time to live your life by design — to actively create what you want, rather than just react to circumstances.

Not sure if this program is right for you?

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We will focus on on five key areas to create breakthrough results:


More Praise From Clients

Stuart Jeckel

“When I began work with Megan, I wasn’t sure what was next for my life. I’m much more stable and fulfilled now. Over the course of six months, I moved to North Carolina where I bought a house and farm, founded a school that makes parents’ and children’s lives better and found community in relationships I’ve developed with my neighbors. In short, I made a home for myself. Through coaching, I gained confidence, trust in my abilities, and discovered my capacity for leadership.”
-Stuart Jeckel

Diana McArdle

“Megan is an amazing coach. Period. She stood only for my highest potential and the life I truly desired and was capable of. After years of working a job I did not love, I said “hell yes!” to my dreams. By the end of our time working together, I had started my own coaching practice, been accepted into a graduate program in nutrition and integrative health, and moved from being a victim to being fully responsible in my relationships.

Before I met Megan, I was scared and hiding my gifts of abilities. I cannot say enough about her ability to break down resistance and limiting beliefs, create a mindset that supports moving forward with dreams, say the bold thing, and truly hold her clients accountable to creating the life they desire. Without Megan’s coaching, I would not be where I am today.
-Diana McArdle

Michael Jobling

“My experience with Megan was nothing short of revelatory. Megan challenged me to commit to my vision of traveling the world and working in the international wine industry. I am now moving to France and devoting myself to this dream. Megan’s course catalyzed a self transformation and exploration of spirit that I had withdrawn from. Since graduating from her course, I am embracing these inner adventures with excitement and conviction. Reaching out for help was a major challenge for me, but I knew I needed support: A year ago, I was filled with self-doubt and financial stress. Today I am filled with motivation, conviction, confidence, and a real sense of alignment with my passion and goals. If you’re in a tough spot, a plateau in life, on top of the world, or in the process of actualizing your dreams, I highly recommend coaching with Megan. She is a phenomenal and professional guide for success and personal growth and you can only benefit greatly from the experience she offers.”
-Michael Jobling

Your private coaching experience includes:

  • Three, 60-minute phone calls per month
  • Tailored exercises based on our calls
  • Training on my favorite tools for transformation
  • Six books selected for you based on your goals

Investment: $1,500/month

Let’s work together to create the life you’ve dreamed about!