People pleasing doesn’t do anyone any favors.

What it does do:

*Gives people a false sense of your boundaries
*Gives people a false sense of your needs
*Creates unrealistic expectations about what you can do
*Creates a false and unsustainable relationship dynamic that can go on for years
*Generates burnout, resentment, and/or self-care breakdowns for the people pleaser
*Generates resentment/upset if the other person feels like they’ve been “lied to” about who you are and what you need

I am a recovering people pleaser, so I KNOW how challenging it can feel to own your truth.

But I also know that owning your truth in the moment can save you a lot of time and clean up later.

Practicing authenticity in setting your boundaries will also:
*Improve your self-care
*Build your confidence
*Support you in cultivating self-love
*Establish a precedent of honesty in your relationships
*Create healthy expectations
*Help you identify when you need more support

It’s from THAT place that you can powerfully, intentionally and sustainably create your life.

Take 100% ownership for (lovingly) sharing your truth. It will not always be easy, but there is a lightness to living openly that is invaluable.


I want to know: How do you overcome people pleasing? 

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