My First Week in the DR

Dear Readers,

How we INTERPRET what happens to us makes all the difference.

Our interpretations can make us miserable, delighted, frustrated, inspired and everything in between. They can also turn a seemingly negative situation into a powerful learning opportunity,

My first week in the Dominican is the perfect example.

After my Facebook Live on January 1, I hopped onto my plane to the DR feeling great. Creativity was surging through me as I flew down the East Coast and over the ocean.

“This will be my most inspired week of business!” I declared.

Upon my arrival, I had two insane days of productivity: I created new tools, listened to podcasts by my favorite thought-leaders, served my clients, and settled in beautifully.

“I am doing it!” I declared. “I am amazing and everything is going as planned!”

…and then came the evil death flu of 2018, including fever, chills, weakness, vomiting, and all the other dreaded symptoms.

This flu threw my plan off course, and I felt frustrated and scared. In my mind, I equated working hard to being safe in my new environment. If I couldn’t work hard…then what would happen?

Then I remembered this: When I see everything as perfect, I can turn the most challenging situations into opportunities.  So I asked myself:

“How is this perfect? What is the divine lesson for me?”

The answer was crystal clear.

The flu forced me to slow down and actually be with my transition to this new country. While running full speed ahead is my default and a way I know to protect myself, it would have left me isolated and homesick during this huge new transition.

Instead, the flu forced me to seek support. It felt uncomfortable to ask my friends here to make me food, get me medicine, and help me with basic day-to-day things. That is a level of support I never would have sought without the flu.

Yet allowing myself to receive so much support was a huge gift. It reminded me that I’m not alone and that a new type of community is a huge part of why I am trying life here.

The support created a foundation for the relationships I am building.

Practicing gratitude and seeing everything as perfect allowed me to:
1) stay in the moment, rather than worrying about the future
2) feel inspired, even in the face of my illness
3) Be more open and authentic with those around me

I want to share this gift with you, readers. If you’re game, try out the following questions:

1. What are you currently looking at as a curse?

2. How is this actually perfect (if the answer doesn’t immediately come to mind, i suggest you free write about it for 10 minutes).

I hope you find this practice as rewarding as I did.

Embrace the Adventure,


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