What’s it like in my business mastermind?

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First off, if you are looking for more general information about masterminds, this is not the blog entry for you. Click here instead.

If you are interested to learn more about my business mastermind, you’re in the right place! I’ll share with you 1) a basic overview of what we’ve discussed in quarter 1 (Q1) of the program and 2) snippets of interviews with current mastermind members about their experience so far.

An Overview of Quarter 1 in my Business Mastermind Program

In Q1 of the program we covered the following topics:

  1. Group agreements and how/why to create agreements within groups
  2. Participants’ relationship to both giving and receiving support
  3. How to create effective accountability partnerships
  4. Creating a clear vision for the future and measurable goals
  5. Visibility + taking our visibility up a notch (…or 10)
  6. Money mindset (money and visibility typically go hand-in-hand)

While I have a general outline I follow for my business mastermind, I tailor it based on the group dynamic and the group’s needs. I never hesitate to throw my plan out the window if there is a topic that would better benefit the participants.

My clients review their experience of Q1 in my business mastermind

Below are interviews with some of the current participants. Let me first first introduce you to them (p.s. they happen to all be ladies, but we do have a co-ed group)!

…and now on to their feedback…

My favorite part about Q1 was…

Eloah: The constant forward movement! I really appreciated the pace, and I made a huge progress sorting out my finances.

Lisa: Creating my master plan for 2021. It’s helped me focus my energy.

Carrie: Enjoying a community with other awesome creators.

This mastermind structure is unique because…

Eloah: There is so much support going through things that I would otherwise avoid.

Lisa: I am able to build relationships with entrepreneurs who understand my struggles, fears, and uncertainty, as well as my vision, growth and bigness.

Carrie: of the shared accountability and commitment.

My biggest learning in Q1 was…

Eloah: how to be unstoppable

Lisa: that having a road map is important, even if you are not 100% sure where you are going; accountability and personal integrity are my biggest assets and tools; I am a badass, even when I might forget; I am a leader, even when I feel invisible and insignificant; and I offer tremendous value to my clients, even when things don’t go perfectly.

Carrie: that I can trust my peers to hold my vision when I forget

If you’re considering this structure, you should know…

Eloah: that your life is about to change for the better and that it is never too late to give your life a new direction that feels right for you!

Lisa: It is what you make it. Although Megan is an amazing leader and facilitator with an incredible arsenal of tools available for us, it really is up to each participant to be engage, aware, alert and vulnerable. The deeper I go with my own practices and learnings, the more my business will benefit.

Carrie: you have value to both give and receive

What I appreciated about Meg as a leader in Q1 was…

Eloah: Geeez!! Everything? She is such a badass-take-no-shit-and-love-you-beyond-limits human being! She’s also great fun and a pleasure to have around!

Lisa: her heart and her ability to hold each individual to their highest self and potential. Even when I think I am failing, I feel like celebrating because of Megan’s incredible outlook that does not see results as right/wrong or good/bad but as a metric to see what’s working and what I can tweak to improve. My business is bigger and has more direction as a result.

Carrie: the special blend of playfulness, accountability, insight, and kindness that holds the group together.

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