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I sat down with Megan Taylor Morrison, business mentor for passion-preneurs, founder of Dance Adventures and a professional coach who works with clients to achieve holistic success.

We talk about how obstacles and doubt are an inevitable part of any journey, and ways for you to motivate yourself to walk right through them.

Megan offers so many insights and tools in this conversation- I can’t wait for you to watch!

Plus, we go over:

~(3:26) The 3 places we make decisions from + a tip to help us to remember how to show up powerfully in our lives

~(4:52) A somatic exercise for you to do with us to help shift your energy when you’re frustrated

~(16:30) How using an empowered pose can help you walk through things that are challenging you.


*Don’t miss out on an exercise that you can do with us that starts at 4:52

**Watch this TED Talk after to learn more about somatic exercises and power posing!

We’d love to hear how it goes, so share with us in a comment below:
~ What in your body or perception shifted from doing this exercise?

Whether you’re looking for a business coach or looking for someone to guide you through a dance adventure – Megan can help! Learn more about Megan’s work here.


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