Greetings From a Treehouse in the DR

Greetings from a treehouse in the Dominican Republic!

I am taking a healthy break from habits, American culture and typical day-to-day – and I have some awesome people with me for this experience!

I am currently guiding my coaching + dance adventure in the Dominican and it’s an absolute blast – we are dancing with locals in Santo Domingo and working with people on their goals in one of the most beautiful places in the country. This total immersion helps people get out of their own way. Through coaching and cultural immersion, they gain perspective on views they hold as a result of their life so far (including their upbringing in America).

By meeting people in a country where views on money, spirituality, family, time and friendship are very different, travelers can ask themselves if their current viewpoints support their goals or hold them back.

I’ll give you an example…

In my day-to-day, I am an efficiency machine. In fact, sometimes I’m so efficient that I start to feel robotic. It’s ironic since, as a coach, my job is to be fully present with my clients. I give them my full attention and work with spontaneity and openness – and yet I often don’t give myself the same gift. The result is that I can overwork, get exhausted and valuable parts of life (like spending time with my boyfriend, friends, or family) fall by the way side.

It’s so wonky! And yet it happens.

Since arriving in the DR, I’ve interrupted this pattern. I’m in a culture where people (even those I’ve hired) show up late, focus on relationship building over getting things done, and are fully present with me all the time. It’s different than how most Americans do things, and yet the work still gets done.

It’s a reminder to slow down, take great care of myself, and focus on loving the hell out of the people around me. I am reminded that my default ways of being don’t necessarily serve me.

If I put my habits down, the world won’t end. In fact, it can make reaching my goals way more fun (and more likely, given I run two relationship-based businesses!).

Understanding our default views of the world and learning when and how to empower alternative viewpoints is key to creating holistic success. I do this through ongoing coaching (with my own coach and by surrounding myself with amazing coaching colleagues) and through cultural immersion on the regular.

How do you interrupt your habits, re-center and re-connect to what’s important, readers? Share what you do and the impact it has on your life with my Facebook community!

With love and happy feet,


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