Corporate Coaching


Holistic Success In The Workplace

In the pursuit of profit, teams often put their nose to the grindstone and forget about humanity and connection. Open communication, reflection on self and team, and improving relationships become something for the annual corporate retreat — not a part of company culture.

Shifting workplace dynamic in a way that creates unprecedented results requires ongoing training, facilitation, and accountability.

Megan is passionate about long-term relationships that help companies create holistic success: a greater sense of well-being among employees, a team of people who all show up as leaders, more authentic communication, a deeper sense of community, and — of course — increased profits.

“Megan conducted a four-hour workshop for our team, as well as a private session follow up with several of our team members. She delivered a high-quality experience that received positive feedback from all in attendance, and that had our team talking about takeaways for many weeks afterward. Furthermore, she came to the workshop prepared, sent us a detailed debrief with valuable reflections and recommendations, and went above and beyond to be available for post-workshop discussions with our leadership team.”

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Megan will ask about your goals, your vision, and the obstacles blocking your next level of success. She will create a coaching package tailored to your needs. This package will include on-site workshops, corporate retreats, group coaching, and/or private coaching.