Business Mastermind


I'm delighted you want to learn more about this experience! The Thriving Creator Mastermind is an action-oriented experience designed for community-minded entrepreneurs.

During this one-year program, you will align your work with your values, use business as a tool for self-actualization, build your confidence, skyrocket your entrepreneurial know-how and get support to actually do what you feel in your gut must be done! This will be the program’s fourth year. It’s been so successful that the first mastermind I began three years ago is still going strong. This 100% retention rate can speak for itself!

What's Included:

  • 5 group calls per month (2 business book club calls + 3 mastermind calls)
  • 2, 45-minute private coaching sessions per month with Megan
  • Quarterly group check-in call
  • Private Whatsapp Channel
  • Membership in my virtual coworking collective
  • Invitation to an in-person intensive

The Mastermind Principle

Two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude constitute an unbeatable force.

-Napoleon Hill


More About Our Group Calls

Group Calls - 5/month
There are two types of group calls in this mastermind: Calls for coaching and masterminding, as well as book club calls. I’ve found the combination is invaluable for building a sense of community and upping your entrepreneurial know-how. Calls times are chosen based on group availability.

Each participant will also be responsible for leading one call during the year. This is a time to share your gifts, as well as an opportunity to receive feedback from Meg and
your fellow participants on your material and facilitation.

Please note that we will take a 3-4 week break over the holiday season.

Mastermind and Coaching - 3 calls/month
Bring your coaching or mastermind requests. This is the time to get support around your sales, marketing, mindset, systems, ideal clients, etc... Megan and other group
members contribute their expertise.

Book Club - 2 calls/month
Books will focus on building your entrepreneurial know-how. Included on our reading list is Never Split the Difference, Profit First and To Sell Is Human, among others. These books help you better understand sales, marketing, business financials and much more.

Quarterly Check-In Calls - 3 calls/year
To maintain it's effectiveness, a group structure must be lovingly and consistently revisited. During these quarterly calls, we will talk about things such as 1) how our group agreements are going and if there is anything we need to adjust 2) what's working and what needs modifying in our group dynamic 3) what we can do to make sure each group member feels exquisitely supported 4) and more.


Over the last six years, I've identified certain topics that make a big impact on entrepreneurs. Depending on the groups' needs, we may deep dive into any of the topics below for 4 - 8 weeks. If you have anything else you'd specifically like to cover, I'd love to hear about it!

Topics For Deep Dives:

  • Relationships: Business is all about relationships with clients, potential clients, business partners, accountability partners, vendors, and many others. In this module, you will build soft skills that will strengthen your relationships, as well as
    identify relational blind spots that can get in the way of your success.
  • Aligned Offerings: You deserve products and programs that make your heart sing! Let's make sure you absolutely love what you're offering the world. As I like to say: Have fun and the money will come!
  • Publicity: How to get featured on podcasts, blogs, and in media outlets.
  • Sales (and money), honey: Sales is not just the way you make money. Sales can be fun and a vehicle for self-actualization. This module focuses on clearing up
    blocks in between you and the money you deserve.
    Intuition: Intuition is a scientifically proven phenomenon. If you're not using it in your business, you're missing out.
  • Networking and visibility: Learn about my best practices for spreading the word about your business and finding clients who will pay for your services.
  • Passive income products: You'll create, install, and learn to market a passive income product.

Optional: In-Person Meeting ($550)

This 2.5-day gathering in Atlanta is a time to connect, deep dive into business topics, and have fun! In the past, the meeting included guest speakers, visits with local entrepreneurs, long walks, authentic relating games, dancing, dinner at a farm-to-table restaurant, case studies, and making sure each entrepreneur was in the hot seat for what’s next in their business. The price includes healthy breakfasts, lunches and guest speakers. Up to four people are welcome to stay at my home (first come, first served). A minimum of four participants must register for this in-person meeting to occur.

This may not be offered in the 2020-2021 program due to COVID-19.



Meg Lisbon

How we measure success:

Clients who show up to the calls, participate fully, and apply the tools and ideas we provide have walked away with the following:

  1. A deep sense of community and connection with their fellow participants
  2. New tools that support them throughout their entrepreneurial journey
  3. Improved business know-how
  4. New or more refined offerings
  5. A passive income product
  6. More self-awareness that makes them a better service provider, business partner, and/or a better caretaker of their own needs

More Details

Participation: 6 - 10 participants

Packages and Pricing:

  1. Package listed above: $600/month or $6,700 for the year (save $500)
  2. Above package without private coaching sessions $450/month*
  3. Private coaching: $1350/month or $15,700 for the year (save $500)**
    • 3 90-minute sessions per month (rather than the 45-minute sessions)
    • One, 15-minute spot coaching call between sessions (as needed)
    • Books and other coaching resources
    • Free copyediting/feedback on your sales and marketing materials, as well as newsletters (up to 30 minutes of copyediting per week)

*You must have completed a previous mastermind or coached with me privately for at least 3 months to
take advantage of this package.
**You can shift from private coaching to the mastermind group with 30 days’ notice.

Rachel Hegarty

"Through my work with Megan, my business improved and expanded exponentially. Megan does a fantastic job at cultivating a sense of
community in the mastermind group. She pours her heart into showing up for us, designing calls that get to the soul of what we are trying to accomplish and establishing supportive and effective accountability structures. Having a
community of like-minded entrepreneurs to brainstorm with and be supported by has been invaluable. And a special bonus are the friendships!"
-Rachel Hegarty, photographer

Meet Your Course Leader, Meg


Megan Taylor Morrison is an entrepreneur, dancer, author and all-around fun-loving human who currently resides in Atlanta.

Her entrepreneurial accomplishments include:

  • Running a six-figure coaching business
  • Founding a dance travel company that focuses on cultural immersion through the arts
  • Creating a virtual coworking community that has supported entrepreneurs and changemakers on three continents
  • DJing and teaching dance at numerous national events
  • Leading transformational retreats in more than six countries
  • and more...

As a coach, Megan works supports teams, leaders and entrepreneurs across the globe in creating holistic, sustainable success. Megan works with her clients to build
their confidence, develop their leadership, improve their relationship to sales, build deeper work and personal relationships, develop more authentic communication,
align their business with their values, and address challenges that block big results.

Megan’s organizational clients include for-profit and non-profit companies in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington DC. Her entrepreneurial clients come from a variety of industries, including architecture, photography, coaching, consulting and consumer goods.


"Megan has supported my journey from the earliest stages of my business to launch last year. Her support has helped me weather both professional and personal challenges with
confidence, clarity and positivity. I now get to wake up every morning and do something I find deeply meaningful and in line with my values, skills and personality. I would recommend Megan as an advocate and guide to aspiring entrepreneurs."
-Will, founder of Split Spirits

“While working with Megan, I launched and laidbthe foundation for my involvement in the Tokyo 2020 Games. Megan is an extraordinary woman to work with — organized, prepared, personal, focused, and fun. After each of our calls, I felt emotionally rejuvenated and supported, as well as strategically ready to act on my goals.”
-Lauren Zelek, travel consultant

Lauren Zelek

“Megan’s coaching has been an invaluable resource to me. Through out work together, I launched my nutrition consulting business, got my first paying clients, increased my confidence, and learned how to be kinder to myself. I also learned to motivate myself and experienced how the universe sends things my way when I take action. Megan helped me shift my energy and mindset, as well as to better understand my strengths and how to work through my weaknesses. She gave me tools I will use the rest of my life.”
-Melissa Gellert, chef

“Working with Megan, you receive an unparalleled level of support. She is a powerful coach, dedicated accountability partner and a seasoned business-builder who is generous with her time and expertise. Megan helped me create courses, workshops and programs infused with my values and personality. Through our work together, I discovered work can be fun and that work life balance is possible. I am walking away from my coaching experience feeling proud of all I’ve accomplished, excited about the future of my business and more self-trust and self-love than ever before.”
-Amy Weitzman, sex and intimacy coach

Elizabeth Tuazon

"I have long admired Megan’s capacity to embrace the 'being' and the 'doing,' as well as her authenticity, drive and courage. She not only facilitates masterfully, she participates with her own projects. In the mastermind, I feel fully seen, loved, and held by Megan and all of my groupmates. The knowledge that my teammates will celebrate not only my wins, but also celebrate the power and possibility within my failures, has developed a deep bond of trust. While we each shine brilliantly in our own firmament, we also create a bright, burning constellation together. I use the reflections and suggestions of my teammates to brighten my own star, and
we all shine on."
-Elizabeth, coach, creative and professional pole dancer