Transcription: Business Mastermind Testimonial Video

Elizabeth Tuazon: I had always imagined that solopreneurship means you’re by your freakin’ self.

Lisa Albrecht: I realized that I needed a voice other than the one inside my head

Will Drucker: Teams are helpful whether that’s your mastermind group or your colleagues

Matt Maxwell: Megan creates this nice space. Each person becomes so important to the other people.

Elizabeth Tuazon: The support was incredible.

Carrie Wren: A transformative and supportive experience.

Lisa Albrecht: you show up differently when you’re in a group

Rachel Hegarty: Constantly talking about things that I don’t necessarily set aside time for.

Elizabeth Tuazon: You can get way more ideas than you previously had, even if you’re the most creative person ever.

Will Drucker: We can’t do anything great just on our own.

Elizabeth Tuazon: Through the ways we connected I really had a sense that I had allies. These are people who are on my team.

Lisa Albrecht: Some of my favorite memories are watching other people win

Rachel Hegarty: Whatever we’re saying to each other, we’re gonna say it with good intentions and with love, and that we’re there to help and support each other

Matt Maxwell: Based on the work we did together as a group, my business also started to flourish.

Rachel Hegarty: People ask you tough questions and really get you thinking. That’s what’s really going to help you grow.

Lisa Albrecht: I’m so inspired by what big things other people take on.

Elizabeth Tuazon: There’s no replacement that I can think of that would have given me the kind of support that I needed.

Rachel Hegarty: Definitely worth my time and money and probably more.

Carrie Wren: We were coming up on the completion of the mastermind group and I was like, “I have not finished working with Meg yet if she’s not finished working with me yet! There’s more.”

Interested to join the business mastermind?

You can read about the program here. This 12-month experience is for community-minded entrepreneurs who are interested in:

  • having an amazing group of accountability partners
  • making entrepreneurship fun
  • upping their visibility
  • increasing their business savvy
  • making more money

Head over to the info page to learn more about the program, who signs up and the topics we cover.

Who is featured in this video?

Lisa Albrecht: Solar energy entrepreneur (website / Linkedin)

Carrie Wren: Coach, yogi, retreat leader (website / Linkedin)

Elizabeth Tuazon: Coach, pole dancer (Linkedin)

Rachel Hegarty: Photographer (website / Linkedin)

Will Drucker: Founder of Split Spirits (website / Linkedin)

Matt Maxwell: Author and founder of Hearthstone (website / Linkedin)

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