Self Marriage

ebook cover

**Coming June 2021**

This is more than a guide to self-marriage. It's a handbook for building a more fulfilling life. Each chapter contains exercises that will support you in planning your wedding, growing your confidence and expanding your capacity for self expression.

You'll also deep dive into the intimate details about Meg's own experience, including how she wrote her vows, chose her wedding party and handled haters after the event's international media coverage.

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Self-marriage will be available on Amazon in June 2021.

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Dance Adventures

Dance Adventures ebook cover

This anthology includes 19 true stories written by a diverse group of renowned performers, dedicated dance teachers, dance scholars, and other avid dance travelers who:

● Explore their craft in locations tied to their family history and discover how dance helps them connect with their heritage;
● Build bonds and community with locals through a shared love of movement;
● Challenge their assumptions, embrace the unknown and find surprising new truths by saying “yes” to spontaneous opportunities; or
● Reflect on who they are and discover how dance can make them a better version of themselves.

"Dance Adventures" contributors hail from all corners of the world, and the stories take place in 17 different countries: India, China, England, Ghana, Senegal, Indonesia, Philippines, Hungary, Angola, Brazil, Morocco, Cuba, Guinea, China, The Bahamas, Argentina, and Mozambique. They highlight various dance traditions, as well as unique aspects of each country’s geography, history, demographics and educational systems.


  • Tanja "La Alemana" Kensinger (foreword)
  • Zsuzsi Kapas (story location: Indonesia)
  • Melaina Spitzer (story location: Brazil)
  • Tina Shield (story location: England)
  • Nneya Richards (story location: Cuba)
  • Damilare Adeyeri (story location: Hungary)
  • Peter Benjamin (story location: Argentina)
  • Laurie Bonner (story location: China)
  • Makeda Kumasi (story location: Senegal)
  • Courtney Celeste Spears (story location: The Bahamas)
  • Natalie Preddie (story location: England)
  • Kara Nepomuceno (story location: Philippines)
  • Ted Samuel (story location: India)
  • Lisa Josefsson (story location: Mozambique)
  • Gabrielle Brigida Macalintal (story location: Uganda)
  • Alex Milweski (story location: Morocco)
  • Khalila Fordham (story location: Ghana)
  • Carolyn McPherson (story location: Angola)
  • Helen Tocci (story location: Senegal)
  • Megan Taylor Morrison (story location: Guinea)