DR Trip Photos

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Photo by Rachel Hegarty

Dear Readers,

On the final night of our trip to the Dominican Republic, we headed off through the rainforest for our closing ceremony. Serenaded by frogs and under twinkly lights in a thatched-roof yoga hut, we brought the incredible experience to an end.

While sharing takeaways from our trip, people spoke about:
-Remembering how much fun it was to be themselves
-Getting back in touch with their beauty
-Reconnecting to their passions and sense of possibility
-The insane amount of laughter each day
-Having clear action steps for their goals
-Discovering a deep sense of community with fellow travelers
-Learning to trust themselves and their intuition
-The value they got out of facing their fears (of taking time for themselves, dancing, being in a foreign country, ziplining, and more)

And so many other things!

Learning to create experiences like this is one of the top reasons I chose to be trained as a coach. It was an honor to be the guide and partner to the people who attended. They came ready for a life-changing experience, and we created it together.

Catherine Wood (my co-leader) and I are already looking forward to next year and I will make sure to update you all once the details are ready. For additional updates, support, and inspiration, you can also join my Facebook group.

In the meantime, I am delighted to unveil photos of the experience (and will unveil more in the coming weeks). These shots were all taken by the amazing Rachel Hegarty of Rachel E.H. Photography.

Enjoy, and happy Friday!

Photo by Rachel Hegarty

Photo by Rachel Hegarty

Photo by Rachel Hegarty

Photo by Rachel Hegarty

Photo by Rachel Hegarty

Photo by Rachel Hegarty

Photo by Rachel Hegarty

Greetings From a Treehouse in the DR

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Greetings from a treehouse in the Dominican Republic!

I am taking a healthy break from habits, American culture and typical day-to-day – and I have some awesome people with me for this experience!

I am currently guiding my coaching + dance adventure in the Dominican and it’s an absolute blast – we are dancing with locals in Santo Domingo and working with people on their goals in one of the most beautiful places in the country. This total immersion helps people get out of their own way. Through coaching and cultural immersion, they gain perspective on views they hold as a result of their life so far (including their upbringing in America).

By meeting people in a country where views on money, spirituality, family, time and friendship are very different, travelers can ask themselves if their current viewpoints support their goals or hold them back.

I’ll give you an example…

In my day-to-day, I am an efficiency machine. In fact, sometimes I’m so efficient that I start to feel robotic. It’s ironic since, as a coach, my job is to be fully present with my clients. I give them my full attention and work with spontaneity and openness – and yet I often don’t give myself the same gift. The result is that I can overwork, get exhausted and valuable parts of life (like spending time with my boyfriend, friends, or family) fall by the way side.

It’s so wonky! And yet it happens.

Since arriving in the DR, I’ve interrupted this pattern. I’m in a culture where people (even those I’ve hired) show up late, focus on relationship building over getting things done, and are fully present with me all the time. It’s different than how most Americans do things, and yet the work still gets done.

It’s a reminder to slow down, take great care of myself, and focus on loving the hell out of the people around me. I am reminded that my default ways of being don’t necessarily serve me.

If I put my habits down, the world won’t end. In fact, it can make reaching my goals way more fun (and more likely, given I run two relationship-based businesses!).

Understanding our default views of the world and learning when and how to empower alternative viewpoints is key to creating holistic success. I do this through ongoing coaching (with my own coach and by surrounding myself with amazing coaching colleagues) and through cultural immersion on the regular.

How do you interrupt your habits, re-center and re-connect to what’s important, readers? Share what you do and the impact it has on your life with my Facebook community!

With love and happy feet,


Courage and Confidence

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There I am! That’s me doing a cartwheel on top of Pedra Bonita in Rio de Janeiro. And — more importantly — that’s me fulfilling a dream I’d had for 8 years: leading a dance trip abroad to Brazil (not to mention several other countries!).

So what finally got me into action?

To start, I learned how to choose from courage, rather than confidence.

Here’s the thing about confidence:

We feel confident when we are well practiced in what we’re doing and are reasonably certain we will succeed. When we’re creating something big and new in our lives, however, this may not be the case! If we wait until we’re confident, we may never take action.

When we choose from courage, we take action from curiosity and faith. We know things might not turn out exactly like we envision, and we’re willing to take that chance because we have something worth failing for (and for the juicy lessons we will learn in the process).

Brazil wasn’t all cartwheels. I pushed myself in new ways, worked primarily outside my comfort zone, dealt with new challenges and even missed a night of sleep when I was making a big decision. In short, Brazil was better and harder than I imagined. Will I run this trip again? Absolutely. Will I continue to learn and get better? Certainly. And will my confidence grow as I choose from courage over and over and over again? YOU BET!

Below are a few more pictures from the trip. I hope you enjoy them!

Our group with Jaime Aroxa and dancers in his company. Jaime is considered one of the most influential samba dancers of all time.

Sunset from Urca mountain

Graffiti is legal in Rio, so you find amazing art everywhere.

Power Anthems From Around the World

By Megan | December 4, 2015 | 2 Comments

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am excited to present a sampling of my favorite Power Anthems From Around the World (complete with many oh-so-amazing music videos). These artists are dancing, they are singing, and they are living FULL OUT in service of what inspires them.

And that was something I was struggling to do!

In the weeks before I made this list, I’d felt a creative block. I was working so hard, but things just weren’t clicking in my business.

And then it hit me: I’d stopped relating to my work as fun. And I’d stopped making time to do the things that made me feel excited, joyful, and abundant.

My response? I danced as much as possible (in the shower, before I sat down to work, at venues in the evenings) and created this super fun “opt in” for my newsletter–which felt infinitely more engaging than the workbook I was slaving over.

My hope is that these power anthems bring you back to your natural state of joy and play. Where do you notice you’re taking things too seriously? Where would you like to inject more positive energy?

Listen! And enjoy!*

Power Anthems From Around The World
(Beats to get those creative juices flowing!)

El Taxi
Osmani Garcia (Cuba), Featuring Pit Bull (American, son of Cuban parents)

3echaqa Mellala
Fnaïre (Morocco)

Waka Waka
Shakira (Colombia)

Stromae (Belgium)

Me Quemo
Kendji Girac (France)

Fine Lady
Lynxxx (Nigeria)

Beyond Four Seas
Blestyashchie (Russia)

Tattad Tattad (check out that music video!)
Ramji Ki Chaal (India)

Rodrigo Y Gabriela (Mexico)

Can’t Stop Dancing
Becky G (Belize)

Olamide (Nigeria)

Mundian To Bach Ke
Panjabi MC (India)

Enrique Iglesias (Spain) & Descemer Bueno (Cuba)

Yemi Alade (Nigeria)

*Have any power anthems you want to recommend? Send them my way!

Sarah Lee

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You know those people who make you take a second look at your life?

Sarah Lee Parker Mansare is one of them. She’s a powerhouse of a woman who created a unique career teaching African dance, leading trips to Guinea with her husband Mamady, and otherwise sharing African culture at every other possible moment.

I took African classes with Sarah Lee in Seattle when I lived there from 2004-2010 and traveled with her to Guinea in 2014.

In the interview below, Sarah Lee shares her experience as a woman of possibility, a cultural ambassador and the founder of One World Dance & Drum (OWDD).

Megan: What most inspires you about teaching African dance and leading trips?
Sarah Lee: In the same way that diversity in genetics serves a species, diversity in thought serves humanity. Most everything we do with OWDD is about opening people up to new ideas, new ways of being, and the culture of Guinea. My experiences in Guinea continue to give me new perspective on community, family, God, money, responsibility and satisfaction. I’m most inspired when I see Westerners engage with this diversity and walk away with a new perspective. I’ve had a huge number of people say traveling to Africa was their most life-alternating and transformational experience.

Megan: How did you move from your day job to full time entrepreneur?
Sarah Lee: It was little by little. I liked my day job, and I organically found more and more opportunities to teach African dance and share African culture. When I saw it was possible to make my living this way, I made my passion my full time job.

Megan: What most surprises people who visit Guinea?
Sarah Lee: People are really surprised by how happy and generous Guineans are—that they have so little, but they’re willing to share. They’re also surprised that life there seems simpler and that they often find themselves happier.

Megan: What do you wish you’d know about entrepreneurship when you started out?
Sarah Lee: I didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur. I just wanted to make a difference for people in the world. I believe entrepreneurship is way more empowering and successful when you’re led by something you’re committed to. It’s not something I did to make a bunch of money or be free of a boss. When I’m in touch with my commitment, everything in my business is more enjoyable, fulfilling and effective.

Megan: What has been your biggest mistake? And what was the lesson learned?
Sarah Lee: Trying to do everything myself. In the years I’ve enrolled a team to support me, I’ve felt more present to my purpose, happier, and more focused.

Megan: What has been your biggest win? And what was the lesson learned?
Sarah Lee: My biggest win is sticking with this work over time. I tend to be a passionate, go-for-it person who expects fast results. Running One World Dance & Drum is different. It grows at its own pace and evolves organically. Because I am so committed to what we do, I’ve allowed myself to shift. I can watch the business unfold, while staying present to my greater commitment to change people’s lives. It’s this way that I’ve created a life full of incredibly meaningful work and relationships.

Readers, what do you hear in this interview for yourselves? What ideas can you apply to your own life?

A special thanks to Sarah Lee for the incredible work that she does and her participation in this interview! If you’d like to know more about OWDD, click here. If you’d like to travel to Guinea in December, January, or February click here.

With lots of love and happy feet,