Being in Full Power

Dearest Readers,

Each choice we make can build our power or drain it. I saw this play out last weekend at my team coaching workshop in Washington, DC.

On Sunday, half the group trickled in late. Being the insightful coaches we are, we saw an opportunity. Instead of arguing about the rules or allowing ourselves to feel annoyed or resentful, we asked the bigger question: “What should we show up early for? What is arriving on time in service of?”

The answer: Being in our full power.

Have you ever noticed what happens when you show up late for a meeting or appointment? Does your heart pump faster? Do you feel edgy? Are you more focused on what other people are thinking than what’s going on around you?

By arriving late, we create a power leak that detracts from our ability to be fully present and to make our most significant contribution.

Power leaks show up in many different forms. Some may include:
-Eating unhealthy foods that make you crash mid-day
-Investing time in toxic relationships
-Extensively dwelling on the “how,” rather than taking action
-Staying up late drinking when you wanted to wake up early and work out

Check in: Do your choices and your lifestyle support your goals in business, relationships, self-care and other areas?

If the answer is “no” and you’re ready to step into your full power, here’s what I recommend:

1. Write down all the power leaks you see in your life
2. Journal about what would be possible if you could cut them out
3. Design practices for this week that minimize or eliminate each leak you identified
4. Enroll your friends, your coach, or other support networks in keeping you accountable

In this way, you can best set yourself up for success.

Now go get ’em! And have a great weekend!

With lots of love and happy feet,


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