This interview with Amanda Forman of ABURA Skincare is part of my 2021 Autumn Adventure Tour‘s Entrepreneur Interview Series.

This trip promotes small businesses along the East Coast, shares interviews with my past and current clients, and highlights my upcoming business mastermind.

For those who are unfamiliar with your brand, share briefly who you are and what you stand for. 

ABURA is a small, woman-owned-and-operated business featuring an all natural, botanical skin care line, as well as a shop and apothecary. We are located in Portland, Maine where we make our products, provide clients with skin care and massage services, and carry a range of self care products and accessories.  

What inspired you to start this business? 

So many things inspired me to start ABURA. I wanted to work creatively doing something I loved while also contributing to the wellbeing of others and helping them to feel better about themselves. 

My personal interest in skin care as a form of self-care initially led me down the road of experimenting with creating my own botanical skin care products. As that knowledge and experience progressed, I decided that getting my aestheticians license would be a great way to learn more about the skin and how it works, while also opening me up to an entire profession. 

I knew I wanted to ultimately have my own business but was unsure of what that would look like, so I approached this new career move with a very open mind. I spent time growing the ABURA product line while starting a small esthetics practice. As the two businesses grew simultaneously, I found that merging them entirely under one roof could lead to even more opportunity and growth. 

The tagline for Abura is “skincare is a ritual, not a regimen.” When did you have that ah-ha moment? 

I was literally saying to someone that for me, personally, this is the case. Then I thought to myself  “well, I can’t be the only person who feels this way!” Plus, it has a nice ring to it. Of course, taking care of one’s skin can be anything they want it to be, whether it’s a quickly done chore or a captivating self care practice, but the idea is to inspire people to slow down and engage more deeply with the way they get ready for the day or wind down at night when it comes to skin and body care. 

You started your business in 2019. What was your biggest lesson learned in your first year of business? 

When I first started ABURA, I thought of trying to meet EVERY potential customer’s needs, from products to services to hours of operation. I quickly realized that overextending myself or trying to do too much at once was an inferior practice to slowly but steadily increasing our offerings when the time was right. 


What are the “business success tenets” that you live by? 

I try to maintain a view into ABURA through the lens of the customer: what are they looking for? What are we offering that brings people to ABURA? What are we missing? What could be added? 

You offer a lot of different events for the community. What role has community building played in your business success? 

Participating in and holding community events has not only been a really fun part about having this business, but it has opened up so many new opportunities and relationships. I had always heard about how word of mouth is one of the best ways to gain business, but it seems like this takes it a step further by creating a presence with people who may not have heard of ABURA otherwise.

Let’s talk about your products. What do you love about them? 

I love that they really work when it comes to improving the skin’s health and appearance while maintaining an all-natural ingredient list that is free from any harmful chemicals. 

What essential oil are you digging the most right now and why? 

I got some Lilac Essential Oil and — oh my goodness — everytime I smell it, I feel like Springtime has just begun!

Finally, what role do you see that self-care plays for entrepreneurial success? And what are some of your favorite self-care rituals? 

As someone who can easily be overwhelmed, self-care is a crucial part of maintaining my sanity and my business. I definitely take a lot of baths, which can get really fun and creative considering the amount of product and ingredient options I can come up with at ABURA. I am also really partial to using a facial gua sha to massage my face whenever I get the chance. Not only do I believe it has improved my skin, but it does wonders for jaw and facial tension.

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