Accountability Partnerships

Crash Course

Do you ever feel like:

You need extra support and accountability to make big things happen?

Your wish your accountability partnerships could be more reliable?

You don’t know what to do when someone stops showing up for you?

The accountability partnerships you create get stale or stop working altogether?


If so, my accountability crash course will rock your world.

In this online course, you will learn:

  • Why creating powerful accountability partnerships will make a difference for your goals. It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and start making consistent progress!
  • What to look for in an accountability partner so you can create a relationship that reaps results. A partnership that gets results is much more likely to continue!
  • How to create a powerful partnership agreement so you avoid common pitfalls that can hurt your relationship and your ability to move toward your goals
  • How to structure your accountability meetings so they are quick, efficient, powerful — NOT a waste of your time!
  • What to ask (and be asked) so you can keep important to-do’s from going down the drain, stay on top your game and finish tasks you’ve put off again and again
  • What to do when you face obstacles so that these challenges grow—and not destroy—your partnership

I will also share:

  • Tried-and-tested questions, check-in sheets, and approaches you can use with your accountability partner. Avoid the dreaded “What now?” once your partnership is created
  • Examples of some of the best accountability partnerships I’ve seen
  • Suggestions for daily, weekly and monthly accountability structures
  • Ways to keep yourself on track in between check-ins

Here’s What People Say About The Course

“Looking at accountability through such a well structured method was an eye opener. We all know what we want, but rarely do we realize why we don’t get it. After taking Megan’s course, I was able to identify the real reasons why working with some accountability partners would fail and most importantly I learned how to actually make it work from now on by using the methods, forms and structure she shared”

-Tag Saab

“Megan runs a valuable and effective accountability training full of helpful context, clear tools and strategies to build and maintain rich relationships that cultivate success.”

-Will Drucker

“Megan is a clear, compassionate, and powerful speaker and presenter. She unpacked her expertise and experience in a way that helped me discover many of the mistakes, places I try to hide, and excuses I make in accountability relationships. These hurdles seem so much smaller now! I now know how to ask for and support, and this course taught me options for support I didn’t even know I could ask for! After this training I ran out and started surrounding myself in the accountability I need to support what I am working on. I am so excited to get the traction I need to really achieve my massive list of goals.”

-Anna Dundas

“I loved Megan’s accountability training. It gave me new ideas on how to incorporate accountability partnerships into my business and life goals and a step-by-step process to create partnerships and systems that really stick.”

-Carolina Bautista

“My biggest challenge is how to hold myself accountable as an entrepreneur and as someone who works at home. It was somewhat cathartic to have an accountability session focus on the absolute necessity of an accountability partner(s) right from the get go, and not as an afterthought or a bullet point, which is much more easily dismissed (and as a result, has been).”

-Neil Takemoto

“Every section of this course had value. The information and questions presented in the PDF booklet and video training resonated deeply for me.”

-Kara Nettles

What You Receive:

Video training: Watch me deliver this course to a group of creators across the globe (unlimited replays)

A gorgeous PDF workbook


Money-Back Guarantee:

If you watch the training video, fill out your workbook, and don’t feel like the course was worth the money, send your completed workbook back to me within two weeks of purchasing the course and I will refund you.